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"I know that people's potential for creation, innovation, and problem-solving is enormous. We all have our unique talents, and when they are given the opportunity to be expressed, magical things can happen."

  • What is creativity?

  • How can one cultivate and strengthen their creativity?

  • What is flow and how do we get there?

  • How can one find inspiration and kickstart themselves?

  • How are we creative together?

  • How do you lead a team with creativity as a guiding principle?


Creativity; the ability to create, to think outside the box, problem-solving - the ideas about creativity and its benefits are many, but what do we actually mean when we say that someone is creative? Is it something innate, only bestowed upon a few, usually those involved in art and culture? Or is it rather an ability that all people have, which can be practiced and cultivated - and consciously used in all aspects of one's life?


My name is Jenny Soovik, and I am a musician, composer, and artist, as well as a project manager, lecturer, and certified coach. I have spent the past 20 years practicing or studying music in various ways, which has involved an almost daily immersion in creative creation. Based on my own experiences, I have taken a closer look at the creative process and developed methods to overcome blockages and more effectively enter into a creative state.

Would you like to learn more, receive price proposals, or book me for your company? I offer both lectures and individual coaching sessions. Email me! I am based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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